The Show – Last Night (27th February)

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Last night Fresher Than Trevor once again took to the netwaves (word copyright apparently belongs to Dave Graves) on

Two hours flew by, like a quite enjoyable bus journey, or a mildly gripping film.

We had some technical cock-ups, as per. Andy could only find a pen drive big enough to bring four songs, Dave couldn’t find a pen drive at all, Colin managed to screw up the uploading-our-playlist-onto-the-central-database thing. But the show began all the same, with the STAR set-playlist providing welcome (?) respite from the studio/presenter banter.

Teen Daze - Beach Dreams

Due to the fact that most of the tunes we played were Colin’s, there wasn’t the same diversity of music. And diversity is surely the defining feature of the three-pronged musical fork (aka el sonic trident) that is Fresher Than Trevor. The show is awesome when everyone involved is playing music they love; their enthusiasm for it is enough to knock back any criticisms the other two might have. It’s also about hearing new music – sharing in the musical discoveries and all that. Hence why the changes to the STAR approach are hard to digest from Trevor’s point of view. What makes Trevor happy is playing great music, and sharing it with others – NOT simply being on the air for the sake of it. Trevor does not harbour ambitions to be a radio presenter when he is older.

El Columpio Asesino - Diamantes

The playlist from last night was as follows (not in order played):

The Black Atlantic – Reverence for Fallen Trees (download album here)

Port Royal – Photoshopped Prince

Early To Bed – Weathervane (download EP here)

Beat Connection – Silver Screen

Delorean – Stay Close

Idlewild – American English

El Columpio Asesino – Corazón Anguloso

Not Squares – Asylum

Teen Daze – Let’s Fall Asleep Together, Shine on you Crazy White Cap and Four More Years (download here)

The Submarines – Birds

The Dodos – Black Night


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