Gorillaz in the Mist

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Everyone loves an Ape. Trevor is particularly partial to Orangutans. However no Orangutans have yet (to Trevor’s knowledge) formed a band. Some Monkees did but sadly they are a dying species. So the Gorillaz have to carry the mantle for the non-human primates. They have been doing so for a startlingly long time as well. One of the first songs ever to catch Trevor’s interest was their single Clint Eastwood…or maybe it was just the cool video. Either way everyone knows it so there’s no point posting the link. What everyone may not be aware of is the Soulchild remix of the Gorillaz ’19/2000′ from their first album:

Their eponymous debut was a hodge podge of tracks held together only by the fact this was a band unlike no other, represented through their 2D likeness’. But the album is oddly listenable. More than can be said for their second album which seemed to pass Trevor by. However if anyone else has listened and wants their opinion shared through Trevor (and the world) then feel free to place a comment below.  Anyway after listening to the first album to death Trevor’s love of Gorillaz faded…

Until recently, through a chance listening to BBC Radio 6, when Trev heard the unmistakable soft, English voice of Damon Albarn in the track ‘On Melancholy Hill’:

A laid back, nonsense song with a summery feel and a catchy synth riff. And Trevor remembered how good the Gorillaz could be. Plastic Beach, Gorillaz 3rd album, was retrieved from Trev’s store cupboards and listened to with a new found interest. It’s eclectic mix of hip hop, rap, electronica and Kinks-esque English country vibe is as jumbled as ever but there is a maturity and polish not found in their earlier albums. Tracks range from the ridiculous:

to the seriously grittily electronic:

Remembering that as the Gorillaz had grown so had Trevor brings a nostalgia for this music, however new it is it still reminds Trevor of youthful summers.


Official ‘Thank You’ to Merlyn Driver: Summer is around the corner.

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Following a run-of-the-mill browsing through facebook several weeks back i stumbled upon this gem courtesy of Merlyn Driver’s status on facebook. Trevor loved it though was surprised to find it is only available for download via the Danish version of iTunes, strange. Naturally Trevor doesn’t condone ripping music from YouTube but it does seem to be the only was to get hold of it. They are from Denmark, though the lead singer sounds just like he is from the US. Enjoy.

Find stuff by Merlyn here:

Also well worth having a listen to is this remix of Blur’s ‘Tender’. Embedding has been disabled but you can get at it following this link:

Trevor is a Phoenix

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Sadly, following the graduation ball 2011 at St Andrews University, Trevor underwent something of a major life transition. Torn apart and thrown into various corners of the world only a third of Trevor (the arse) remained in St Andrews. The other two thirds (the heart and brain) were cast further afield, Bogota and Exeter respectively. And so Trevor fell into silence…

However Trevor was never one to go out quietly. Through the wonders of technology his various organs re-connected via some subconscious desire to avoid letting good music go unnoticed. Trevor may be disconnected but he remains as musically astute as ever.

Long live Trevor, 7 months older, 7 months Fresher.